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The last class of our Food for Life Series is usually a Pot Luck in addition to demonstration recipes. This gives participants an opportunity to share a favorite dish that they've recreated during the course of the series. We've all enjoyed some fabulous, tasty, and healthy dishes. Here's another from Lee W.

Everyone who tastes this soup describes it as - 'FABULOUS'! I wish I could take credit for its creation, but it comes from renowned vegetarian cooking instructor and author, Robin Robertson. I have a few of her wonderful cookbooks, and can attest to the health, wonderful taste and heartiness of her recipes. I've made a couple changes to this original recipe - having deleted the olive oil and parsley. (For those who question the WHY of omitting the oil......Oil is fat, no matter what the producers of this slithery concoction tell you. Each T of olive oil contains 120 calories. That adds up pretty quickly, and you know where it will go - directly from your lips to hips - and worse - your arteries!


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